Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No time to be sick.

For one reason or another we have had to reschedule Emmi's audiology appointment four times. I missed one, which I never do. Then the doctor's wife was rushed to the hospital. They kindly rescheduled an appointment for me...while I was in Mexico. We finally settled on today. And now I am sick. The doubling up on antibiotics, which never does my stomach well, is not helping with a stomach bug! Nor is the quick dissolving pill that starts to disintegrate before I even swallow it, leaving powdery yuck in my mouth helping! But I can't reschedule, because we are down to the last three weeks before school starts. We have company coming next week (yay!!! I am very much so looking forward to that! No sarcasm, that is for real.). The girls have dentist appointments. Emmi has a renal ultrasound, a visit with her kidney doc, an opthomology checkup (they monitor her once a year), and genetics clinic, all in that remaining two weeks. So I have to drag myself up to Texas Children's today. There is a slight chance the new processors for her implants are in, so that is giving me some motivation. Otherwise, I would still be in bed trying not to move.


Allie Bear said...

So maybe this isn't the best time to mention that I'm making an unexpected trip to Houston the 7th through the 10th?

Call me and we can see if we can get together and I swear this time I won't blow you off and leave Houston early like I did in June (I didn't really blow you off, things came up and I had to leave early).

Hope everything goes well today with Emmi!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're still feeling like crap, and now you have to drag yourselves to the hospital. I feel your pain.

Karen said...

Hope you feel better!