Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stupid Jalapenos. Or something.

So I haven't really mentioned that I got sick on vacation. Cause who likes someone who goes on vacation then comes home complaining about vacation? Apparently Montezuma and I? We aren't friends. I am that anal traveller that won't even have a drink with ice in it for fear that I will get sick. I order my food over cooked. I don't eat raw fruits. But I was in Mexico. Who can resist jalapenos? Perhaps it would have been nice of the FDA to announce that little suspicion about jalapenos before I left for vacation. Not after. Perhaps then I would have stayed away from anything that had touched or even looked at a jalapeno. Instead, I got sick. Really sick. Although, it wasn't too bad if I didn't eat and took lots of headache medicine. And really, I only got concerned when a week later, my fever was rising and I still couldn't eat normally.

So I went to the doctor today. They took lots of my blood. Then they loaded me up with not one, but TWO antibiotics. And offered to hospitalize me. Because it would be too simple, if I wasn't allergic to almost every single antibiotic I have ever taken.


zakary said...

God, I hope you feel better. Stupid ass jalapenos.

I just read your post on Allie's blog. Go back and read mine. I seriously want to kill my IUD.

Like I hate it. I was afraid that what happened to you will happen to me. I think I would just rather have another baby than deal with this b.s. everyday.

And I mean that. I HATE my IUD.

I am Trish Marie said...

I liked it a lot at first. The first year was fine. But, then it caused lots of problems. What I put on Allie's wasn't the only issue. I also had MANY cysts. Like seven that had to be removed when I had the other surgery. But when I had surgery to repair the damage, my doc went ahead and tied my tubes!

Leah J. said...

Oh no! Stupid Jalapenos is right! Hope you get to feeling better/back to normal asap!

Not a Granny said...

Take care of yourself!! Hope you feel better real soon and stay away from the Cilantro also!

Allie Bear said...

I started to read this post last night but my power went out right in the middle, stupid electricity.

That really sucks that you got sick, I got sick with the tomato scare and it was awful, yours sounds worse though. Hope you start feeling better.

zakary said...

That is so awful. I bet that felt really nice and not painful at all.

I'm totally going to have it taken out.