Wednesday, July 2, 2008


In the car on the way to dinner, Ashley's husband, Rick, explained his plan. "No one knows me, so I am going to talk in a different accent to everyone I meet. I'm also going to tell them I have some random job. Like the mascot for some made up team." Within minutes the Homer Hogs have a mascot and their very own handsign. Go Hogs! I always knew I liked Rick. I liked him even more now that he was planning on embarrassing his wife at her ten-year-reunion.

At dinner we told stories of high school days. Of course. What else do you do at dinner before your reunion? As more stories came out, I remembered how much history I had with the girls. You often think you are long past high school. That it is just memories. But how many friends do you have that after ten years you can sit down and still laugh until your cheeks hurt? That time and distance don't keep you from picking up where you left off? By the time dinner was over I was excited for the reunion.

The girls from dinner: me, Ashley, Holly

Less people showed up than I would have imagined being from a graduating class of close to 700. Maybe 120. "Uhhh why do all the girls still look the same as they did in high school?" Ashley and I looked around confused. Everyone there did. They looked great. Kenny shook his head at laughed at us, "Cause the girls that don't wouldn't dare come, because there are girls like you two standing here looking for them." The man makes a good point. The girls who came all without exception looked well put together, fabulous. They talked about their successful careers. Or their beautiful families. The guys? It didn't matter! Some of the looked great. Were doing great. The others just kind of rolled in the door. They didn't care. I mean, who needs a job? Or a shirt with sleeves for that matter. But for the most part, everyone seemed to be doing well. I found some friends who I didn't know were in the area again. I may have agreed to start playing tennis again. Ha! Cause I've picked up a racquet since I cleaned out my athletics locker senior year. I made plans for some lunches and dinners. And the whole event was a lot less dramatic than I thought it was going to be.

That is. Until we got bored at the end. And started talking to random people we didn't really know. But pretended to. Although Holly and I quickly tired of that game when we figured out that the reason we didn't know them was because they weren't all that interesting, and they didn't have that much to say. So we wandered off, leaving Ashley to fend for herself. Not our problem if you are too nice to walk away. And after Ashley freed herself from the people talking molecular biology and summa cum laudes or some such, we headed out.

Although we did make one stop by our high school to take a picture in front of the eagle! Or umm... ON the eagle.


J said...

God you look so cute!!!I am totally jealous!

~Holly~ said... the "on the eagle" pic!!!

I am Trish Marie said...


And I love how they put a railing all the way around the eagle. Yeah. That worked well!

Hey, remember the time we drove my Jeep onto the commons? Hehehehe. Somehow that reminded me of that.

Allie Bear said...

You look so damn cute, see, I would go to my reunion if I looked that cute.
Love ya.

Erin and Liann said...

1st of all... You changed your layout.... I likes it.

2nd of all... CUTE pictures! I love the dress!!


Leah J. said...

confession - reading this post and seeing pics made me a little sad that I didn't go to the reunion! :) I LOVE your dress!

Anonymous said...

You are totally smokin' in that dress! I'm going shopping this weekend for a dress for my 20th reunion. The women don't change much, but the men become unrecognizable, overweight and bald. Poor guys!