Friday, February 29, 2008

As if a stalker wasn't bad enough.

So Tiffany has banned me from telling some of the funnier stories because she is afraid they will make her look like a hooker or make her husband look like a douchebag. I keep trying to tell her they will not make either her or her husband look like big dorks. Seriously, Tipp, white guys who can rap while riding on their kids minibikes are cool, I tell you. And Hubby and Cousin have talent, even if they do say p*ssy a lot in the video. And we all know how much I hate that word. I won't even write it. But, really, we need to talk her into letting us either tell the Captain Hook story or posting a link to the video of her Hubby and his Cousin rapping. So if you could just stop by her page and harass the shit out of her until she concedes, I would appreciate it.

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