Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Emmi woke up with a fever. I didn't need to take her temperature to know it was high. She was burning hot, and shivering. Great. I had so much to do today. Way too much to have a sick kid at home. But such is my luck.

I set her up on the couch. Winnie the Pooh blanket. Monkey. Hippo. Rar-rar (Which is a tiger, and says "raaaarrrrr." Hence the name.). A drink. A pop tart. Handy Manny on TV. She snuggled down, eyes at half mast. I had hope that maybe, just maybe it would go okay today. She was so sick, she wasn't moving.

Then her fever crept higher. She started dry-heaving. I generally like to let fever runs its course. Fevers happen for a reason. But when it starts getting too high, obviously I have to do something. I gave her Tylenol.

Thirty minutes later, I hear her shuffling around on the couch. Rar-rar flies across the room, followed by a loud "RAAAARRRRR" and a giggle as it hits the dog. Uh oh. From my vantage point, I see her blanket kicked to the ground, little legs waggling in the air.

Then.....she emerges. Screaming. Laughing. Happy. And she wants to play.

I got very little done today. I tried to bribe her with paints. She painted the wood floors. I gave her a new coloring book. She told me no. She spent most of the morning grabbing my hand whenever I tried to type. Makes it real easy to edit graphics with a kid hanging on my arm. So now that the kids are tucked in bed, I am still working. Not relaxing. Working.

I don't care how sick she is tomorrow. I am doping her up, and sending her to school.


SGM said...

Tylenol and ibuprofen are miracle drugs. Good luck with the doping!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I found out that Ethan is intolerant to wheat. He gets all dopey and listless, stares into space, seems like a wet rag. I'm thinking of storing it up for those nights that I just need a effin' break!

Allie Bear said...

Sophia wasn't feeling well today either and she was a royal pain in the ass. She was a complete bitch to the nurse at the doctor's office and they still gave her a million stickers. She cried about everything all evening, 7pm couldn't come fast enough.

J said...

I hate it when Princess doesn't feel well. Tonight she kept complaining of an ear ache, which is really odd considering that even when she has an ear infection she never feels it. When I said I would call the doctor in the morning if she didn't feel better she said "Does that mean I don't have to go to school?"

That little punk!!

Sheri said...

I hope you got your work done after the meds kicked in. :P BTW, Leila named her koala bear Webkinz Grrrrr. I think it was after I repeatedly made that sound for her to teach her what he says. :P