Friday, February 29, 2008

Background and Disclaimer.

Let me start by saying, that Tiffany is a little worried that I might make her look bad! And trust me, Tiff, I am trying, but it is kind of hard. Cause seriously, she doesn't ever screw up too much. It is me that says the really mean things, yells, screams, and curses. Tiffany tends to keep her cool and level me out a bit. So when she does screw up a little, it is even funnier. Cause I screw up all the time, and in big ways. So Tiff, I won't make you look too bad, and yes, I will share some stories that make me look stupid. Trust me. They are coming.

Now. It wouldn't be an accurate depiction of our friendship with out some work stories. But in order to make them easier to follow, I should give you some background.

Tiffany and I first worked for rival apartment management companies. When my company opened a new complex we recruited her. I being bossy, demanded I become the leasing manager. Th manager allowed this to appease me. It really didn't mean anything except I did more work, and received no more pay. But I felt special, and was able to tell people what to do. Technically that meant Tiffany worked directly underneath me. But, like, I said. Not really.

The other girl that worked underneath me was S. We don't like S. For no good reason. We talk a lot of shit about her. Still do. I run into her at the gym almost everyday. I hardly ever speak to her, and when she looks bad I make sure to call Tiffany right away to report. And she always has a camel toe. Ewwwww.

Then there was Bobby. Not his real name. Bobby we like. Except he got really moody, but that wasn't until long after I quit. Bobby was the Assistant Manager. For those of you not familiar with the chain of command in an apartment leasing office, it goes leasing staff, leasing manager, assistant manager, manager. Then you have your lovely supervisor who works with many properties. But back to my point. Bobby was number two in command, but did all of the manager's work too.

Because Frat Boy Mike is an idiot. Really. The worst boss I have ever had. A lot of our stories revolve around Frat Boy Mike. So it helps to have a little background on him. Mike is married with one child. A son. Jill and Mike's son are literally just days apart in age. His wife is nice. Lord help her. Who knows what she was thinking. They all live with Mike's mom in her TWO ROOM house. I don't mean two bedrooms folks. I mean two rooms. And they both made decent money. I am talking two adults that both bring home between 30 and 40 grand a year. This situation still perplexes me to this day. But moving on. Mike liked me for some reason. I don't think he ever had any idea that behind his back, I talked the most shit. He was seriously confused when I quit.

The last player is SheDevil. SheDevil was our supervisor. She graced us with her presence from time to time. She was slightly scary.

So there you have it. Our office.

And I have to warn you. I will soon be taking a break from "A Tribute to Tiffany" to post my "100 Random Things" blog. Because this, folks, is blog number 98! Just two more to go until number 100!


Allie Bear said...
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zakary said...

What's 100 Random things? Is it something you are supposed to do when you bog your 100th blog? I'm new at this!

zakary said...

I meant BLOG!

I am Trish Marie said...

Nah...I just decided it is what I was doing for my 100th post!