Sunday, March 2, 2008


Yesterday, everything fell into place for us to go to the cook off. It had been years since I went to the cook off. And? I am a huge fan. Free drinks. Free BBQ. Funnel cakes. Carnival rides. I am like a kid in a candy store.

Before leaving, we double checked to make sure we had our booth passes. Check! Cody had, like, twelve of them. For those of you unfamiliar with the cook off, you have to be invited to the booths. Once in, the food is free, and generally, so are the drinks.

Except? Cody didn't bring the drink tickets. Lord help us. All that free beer, and none of it for us.
Luckily, Allie pulled through for us! Allie soooo kicks ass! She got us into her booth, hooked us up with drinks and food (very yummy food!), and hung out with us. So much fun.

But then it got late, and being fuddy-duddies, we had to head home. We missed going down the big slide (I am waiting on Allie to report on that!), but we did get funnel cake on the way out. Yummy, yummy funnel cake.

We began the long trek back to the car. We smartly parked at Texas Children's and hopped on the train to Reliant, so we avoided the huge amounts of traffic. What we failed to anticipate was the long line for the train back. Honestly, it wasn't that long of a wait, but it was very chaotic. People were cutting in line. Susan and I were yelling at the drunk people cutting in line. Some girl pushed right in front of Susan, which of course set Susan and I off. The girl then retaliates by yelling, "You're ugly!" Which sent half the line into hysterics. Wow, girl. Way to make a point. Now everyone is laughing at you.

Once on the train Kenny and I were separated from Cody and Susan. Some guy stepped all over me, prompting Kenny to fuss at him. Poor guy about peed his pants when he turned to see Kenny towering a good foot over him. Funniest part, Kenny wasn't mad. He just wanted the guy to watch out. But poor scared man spent the rest of the ride apologizing profusely to Kenny.

And? Standing next to us on the train? The director of Metro Transit. Riding the Metro Rail home to his fancy pants loft. Somehow this really entertained me. Especially after we watched a news segment on Metro employees not paying for their tickets. Dude, Mr. Metro Transit was, like, FAMOUS, or something. Even if he is known for scamming free Metro Rail rides. Although, quite frankly, Mr. Metro Transit, I am with you...perk of the job, baby.

After a short ride, we made it back to Texas Children's AND found Cody and Susan. We parted ways in the parking garage only to have them catch up with us on the road about five minutes from home. Kenny starts giggling and tells me to pull up next to their truck. I oblige. And Kenny moons Cody. Lord. I never laughed so hard in my life.

And....tomorrow is my 100th Post! I am very excited as I have been working on compiling a list of 100 random things about me. After that, back to "A Tribute to Tiffany."


Allie Bear said...

I am so glad you guys had fun, this morning I woke up and was like, how stupid am I? You never meet someone for the first time knowing you are going to be completely shit faced drunk, I hope I didn't act like a complete moron. I am so glad you came though, I wish we could have gotten our shit together so you could have rode the slide too, maybe next year.

I am Trish Marie said...

The good news is you didn't act like a moron. Trust me, if you did, I would have written about it. The story would have gone, "So I finally met Allie, and she is a moron."

And next time, we need to go to that slide earlier in the night! Before my dress and carriage turn back into rags and a pumpkin.

mamacita said...

I wish I had hooked up with you. I ended up not drinking NEARLY enough, and making awkward conversation with people I had just met. :-(

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