Sunday, March 2, 2008

100th Post!!

In honor of my 100th post, I decided to share 100 facts about me. That's right, 100 of them. Although, I think it might be cheating, because I started working on this back at post 89. I like to be well prepared. They aren't all amazing facts. Or deep. Or exciting. But, hey, it is hard to come up with 100 things!

100 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I am scared of worms. Terrified. It is my worst fear.

2. I am addicted to reality TV. The Hills is my favorite. I think Lauren and Lo are really my friends, and I talk about them as if we are.

3. I can see a color, and then be able to pick the exact same color elsewhere later. My photographic memory talent extends only to colors.

4. I was married once. For like ten minutes. Okay, it was longer than that. But not much.

5. I dated my ex-husband for about three times longer than I was married to him. We were married a year.

6. My favorite color is brown.

7. I have had ten different cars. My favorite was my Jeep Wrangler. It reminds me of fun times.

8. I have an older sister. She is five years older and lives in Austin. We are more alike than we ever thought we would be.

9. I can't function if things are too messy. Because of this, my house is clean almost all the time.

10. My kids have two different dads. Jill's dad is my ex-husband. Emmi's dad is a douchebag.

11. I was engaged to Emmi's dad for a year and a half. I never set a wedding date. I left him before Emmi was two months old. I wanted to leave sooner.

12. Kenny and I first met in high school. My ex-husband introduced us.

13. I get my feelings hurt very easily. And I always assume I am being left out on purpose.

14. I like to wake up before everyone else in the house. I like to sit quietly and drink my coffee.

15. I am addicted to coffee. I get a massive migraine if I lower my intake.

16. Which reminds me, I get migraines at least once a week. I am on very powerful medication. It just keeps them at bay. My doctor says I have one of the worst cases he has ever seen. I am pretty sure that is nothing to brag about.

17. I am actually smart. But I say dumb things all the time, so it is hard to tell that I am smart. But I am. Trust me. My IQ is probably way higher than yours. Don't worry, I make up for that with my lack of common sense.

18. I am a very sarcastic person. And funny. People laugh at my jokes and stories a lot. I tell good stories.

19. My favorite singer is MoZella. I picked one of her songs to be my first dance song....uh not that I planned the whole wedding yet or anything.

20. Kenny and I have been together for over two years now. We bought a house and moved in together a over year ago. I refuse to ask him about an engagement time frame, but we have talked about marriage. I know it is in the near future.

21. We want to get married in Mexico. With just a few friends and family. We travel to Mexico a lot. In fact, we are going again in July with Cody and Susan!

22. My toes are very sensitive. If I hurt them, I feel the pain in my lower lip.

23. I like my job. A lot. I work from home. The work actually interests. It is a good deal I have going.

24. My youngest daughter is deaf. That is the least of her problems. Some days I forget there is anything wrong with her. Some days it is all I think about.

25. When Emmi was nine months old, I was told she would probably die before she was a year old. She turns four this year. I still get scared every morning when I go to wake her up. I hold my breath until I see her move.

26. Jill is a good athlete. She gets it from her dad and I. Her dad wanted her to play basketball like him. I wanted her to be a gymnast. So far, I am winning.

27. We watch CSI on A&E way more than anyone should. We yell, "Oh Horatio!" at the TV whenever Horatio does something oh so fantastic like discover a pollen from a rare plant on the left pant leg of the victim that happens to grow in the garden on the suspect.

28. I eat a lot of chocolate. Dark chocolate. Everyday.

29. I like the edges of brownies. For my mom's birthday, I bought her a pan that is specially shaped to make tons of edges. It makes yummy brownies.

30. I run several times a week for several miles. I am a horrible runner. It took me forever to build up to where I am now.

31. I love wine. I can't drink it anymore, because it makes my migraines worse. It is sad.

32. I hate coconut. Not the flavor, the actual coconut pieces. I hate the texture. I actually like the flavor.

33. I hate to cook. Hate it. More than doing laundry.

34. When I get tired, my stomach starts to hurt. I get nauseated. I am not good at staying up late.

35. Not only do I have migraines, but I have seizures. I have not had any in awhile, though. Like years. But I have dreams that I am having grand mal seizures in very public places. I dream this almost every night.

36. I can sew pretty well. I hem my own pants, alter clothes, and make little dresses for the girls.

37. I am scared of the dark. Extremely scared. I leave a light on in the hallway at night. I claim it is for the kids.

38. We have two dogs. Both girls. Both fawn boxers. They are Sadie and Macy.

39. I listen in on other people's conversations. If you are talking loud enough for me to hear, then I feel it is okay for me to join in. I make comments to random strangers all the time. They never seem to appreciate my comments. Hmm?

40. I don't really like potato chips. I like corn ones though. I am eating chips now. That is why I thought of this.

41. When I was younger I never felt like I had the right shoes to pull off outfits. This is directly related to why I own so many shoes now. I have the greatest shoe collection. Amazing. My favorite pair is silver satin pumps. They have a cute little bow on them. I have only worn them twice. I have had them for a year.

42. My kids go to different elementary schools. Jill goes to the one our neighborhood is zoned to. Emmi goes to one in the next neighborhood over. That is where the deaf ed program is. It gets annoying, but I am glad they go to different schools. Jill is a tough act to follow. She has a 100 average in EVERY subject. She also outscored every child in her grade on the standardized test they took this year.

43. Jill is extremely smart, but she gets in trouble everyday at school. I get calls from the principal about her behavior. They stopped calling when I told them I didn't care if she talked. They didn't listen to me when I told them how to correct the problem, so they are on their own. I think they hate me.

44. Jill's principal was my principal in elementary school. I got in trouble a lot too.

45. I was accepted in the School of Architecture at UT Austin. 6,000 applicants applied. They accepted 60 people. My best friend got in also. We never really discussed where we applied or to what program, so that we would not influence each other. I completed one year, and quit.

46. I changed my major to Education with an emphasis on Kinesiology. I showed up for my first day of student teaching, and decided I was not going again.

47. I was the Director of a Montessori school. I was twenty years younger than all of the teachers. They never listened to me. Which was fine. It meant I didn't really have to do anything.

48. I weigh less than I did in high school. Not by much, but still. This is both a blessing and a curse. I wish I didn't care what size I was. It would be more fun.

49. I love Mexican food. Good thing I live in Houston. There is a lot of Mexican food here.

50. I tear out pictures of engagement rings and give them to Kenny. However, as I mentioned earlier, I will not discuss engagement with him. I am scared he might give me clues to a time frame. I desperately want it to be a surprise.

51. I hate being late. Hate it. In fact, I would rather not go than be late.

52. I was the ultimate tomboy as a child. So much that my mom thought I was going to be a lesbian. No lie. Now? I am very girlie. Annoyingly so. I annoy myself.

53. I have zero patience. Zip. Zilch. The worst is getting in and out of the car with the kids. They are so damn slow. Seriously, do you have to crawl on the floorboard of the car looking for your lost pink crayon every single time we get in the car?! JUST GET IN YOUR SEAT!

54. I didn't think I would get married again, until I met Kenny. In fact, I told him at first that I didn't know if I ever would. I changed my mind when I saw how not only had he made my life better, but he made my daughters' lives better too.

55. I will have no more children. None. Kenny agrees with this. People tell me all they time that we will change our minds. They don't have a child who isn't even supposed to have lived this long. They don't know what is on our minds.

56. I feel guilty a lot. Even when things aren't my fault or I had no control over it.

57. I don't get jealous easily.

58. I read constantly. Anything I can get my hands on. I have the labels on several products memorized because I read them so much. I read quickly.

59. When I write on my blog, I purposely use incorrect grammar. I am actually a bit neurotic about grammar. I know just about every rule out there. The ones I don't know, I call my mom to ask. She knows even more than me.

60. I can't add or subtract in my head However, I placed out of college Calc, and went on to take advanced Calc. Go figure.

61. Jill has a little sister on her dad's side. The mom? I love her. I talk to her often (although, that reminds me, I need to call her.). I was glad when she got pregnant with Jill's sister, because I like her that much. Now I know she will be in Jill's life forever.

62. I get along with Emmi's stepmom. Sort of. I feel like she oversteps her boundaries. I am pretty sure she would be pissed if someone did that with her daughter. But she treats Emmi well. I should be thankful for that, but I am not. I think because she tried to equate herself to me, and that makes me mad.

63. My desk is at the front of the house. My neighbor's desk is at the front of her house. Sometimes I catch her staring at me through the window. When I do, I start picking my nose.

64. I am an excellent painter. My children's' rooms and gameroom are done painted in themes. (One day I will post pictures.)

65. My hair is naturally almost black. Everyone keeps asking why I dyed it so dark. They don't believe me when I tell them it is my natural color. Maybe 'cause my kids are blond? Also? My hair is naturally curly. Quite honestly, I have awesome hair. I can make it do whatever I want it to. Wavy, curly, straight.

66. Emmi is naughty. But I really like naughty kids. They have spunk. She needs lost of spunk the get through her life. Her life is hard, but she doesn't seem to know it yet. I dread the day she figures out that it isn't normal to live like her.

67. I think Kenny is a much better parent than me. He is patient. He attends every event at school with a smile on his face. He plans event for the kids. It seems to come so easy to him. I feel like I struggle to be a good parent.

68. My ex-husband is professional body builder. Seriously (I should soooo post pictures). He is also a nurse at an Alzheimer's clinic. One day I was at the gym, and the TV was tuned to ESPN II or some shit like that. He was on TV, and two guys behind me were discussing his physique. It was a little weird for me.

69. Emmi's dad is a truck driver. But he wasn't when we were together.

70. Kenny on the other hand, owns several business. Namely, Texas Realty Associates, Texas Apartment Connectors, and Copperfield Lawn and Landscape. He built the real estate companies up, then got bored of them. One day he decided he was going to be a landscaper. Every business he touches works. He is an extremely hard worker.

71. I take really hot showers. Scalding. I don't feel clean, otherwise.

72. I brush my teeth too much. My dentist makes me limit it.

73. Drinks that are room temperature make me vomit. No lie. I will throw up.

75. I have a very weak stomach. I also have the bottomless pit. I am hungry all the time. I'm not really sure how I was cursed with both.

76. I kind of despise all of my neighbors. They are all rude. They think they are better than me. What really bugs me about this is that I actually feel like I am better than them. This is oddly wrong.

77. I have a hard time telling people when they make me mad. So sometimes, I just stop talking to them for months at a time, until I am no longer pissed.

78. My birthday is March 26th. So far my birthday list (which is posted on Kenny's dry erase board) reads: Subscription to US Weekly, Gilmore Girls entire series, USB storage drives for pictures, a box of Godiva chocolates, "The Fug Awards" book, "Mortified: Love is a Battlefield" book, and an engagement ring. I have a disclaimer that reads "one, all, or a combination of the above items are acceptable birthday presents." I keep adding and subtracting to/from my list.

79. On a good week, I take Emmi to a total of three appointments weekly, and nine others monthly. I spend a lot of time at Texas Children's. I feel bad when other people talk about their sick (you know normal sickness...colds, strep) child, but part of me wants to tell them to shut the hell up. They have no idea what it is like to be sentenced to this for the rest of my life.

80. I wonder why God gave me a disabled child. I think somehow it must be my fault.

81. Kenny seems like the most sane person I have ever met. But I think he is really crazy. Why else would he willingly get involved in my life? Unless, of course, he is a saint. Which seems more likely.

82. Sometimes, even when I know my kids are being naughty, I still won't get up. I would like to say there is some kind of parenting strategy to that, but really it is just lazy. Sometimes it is just easier to clean up the mess afterwards!

83. I am very loyal to my friends, and I only have a handful of close friends. Everyone else I keep at arms length.

84. I am addicted to trashy star magazines. I read them all. Don't worry. I balance it out with novels of literary merit.

85. I will say the same thing to your face that I will say behind your back. I just might say it in a nicer way to your face!

86. Women make me nervous. I can walk into a room full of men that I have never met, and within minutes be engaged in conversation. I walk into a room full of women, and I clam up and can barely remember my own name. When I was younger, I had more guy friends than girl friends, so I know it has always been this way.

87. I love Post-It notes. Love them. Especially pretty ones. Actually, I love all office supplies.

88. I hate eating in front of my kids. I also hate eating at the table. I would rather wait until after they have gone to bed and then eat on the couch. Kenny says family meals are important, though. I oblige.

89. I am good at keeping really important secrets. I would tell you who to ask to back me up on this, but then you would know they have a secret. I won't even tell you who I know secrets about. I am that good.

90. I have an extreme photoshoping talent. Just check out my Kanye picture. I have others

91. I talk to Tiffany on the phone about an hour a day. I had to change my cell phone service due to this. She is now in my faves, so it works well. Other than, Tiff, I hardly ever talk on the phone.

92. Except to my mom. I talk to my mom a lot. Like two or three times in a day.

93. I am a pretty good dancer. I am really good at dancing in the car. Alone. I do it often. It makes people in the cars around me laugh.

94. I have issues with the way clothes feel on my body. If I can feel the seams, I can't wear it. I avoid socks for this reason.

95. I am most comfortable in jeans and a white t-shirt. It is my go-to outfit. I own about fifteen white t-shirts. All name brands. It is a weird obsession. Other than that, I dress pretty preppy. I could live in Ralph Lauren.

96. We have a pool in our backyard. It is the one thing everyone in the family enjoys doing. We swim a lot. I love that Emmi, who has no balance (seriously, she is missing reflexes), can swim easily. I think it is really neat that she was over two before she took her first step, but she was barely three when she learned to swim.

97. I have had many, many surgeries. Knee surgeries. Appendectomy. Abdominal surgery. And some other unmentionables. But most of all.....

98. I want breast implants. Okay, actually more of a lift. I dream of new boobies. I can't wait until I can afford new ones.

99. Last year, I had a little run-in with cancer. I won. Cancer lost. At least so far. I go back on Wednesday for my check-up. It will be six months since I had it all removed. If they don't find anything, I am in the clear. If they do, I have to discuss further treatment. I find this all extremely unfair. I already have a disable child. Give someone else the cancer.

100. Despite my minor insecurities (let's face, it we all have them) and a few things I would change (like Emmi's health), I am extremely happy with my life. I really feel like I am luckier than most.


Allie Bear said...

I love your 100 things, I still need to finish my last 20, maybe I'll finish mine for my 100th post.

Tiffany said...

Is it weird that I knew most of these?!

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Fantastic blog!!

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SGM said...

Trish Marie, you are fascinating. For real. And, I want to see the Kanye picture.

That Chick Over There said...

I had no idea you have a deaf child! I'm so out of the loop!