Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Why we hate S.

Last night, I told Kenny all about my "Tribute to Tiffany" series. He had this look on his face. A weird one. Like I confused the hell out him.

"You know you two are dorks, right?" Shut up. We are so not dorks. He knows nothing.

"No, Kenny, people do find us funny. Really. We are funny girls." To prove it, I show him my blog. He is still unimpressed. But he does have one question after reading my background information about our co-workers. "Why do you two hate S so much?"

I think for a minute. Huh? I don't really have a good answer. Wait? Wait. Something is coming to me. Vaguely. And then, the memory is clear.

I jump up and down. I scream. "Ha! I know why we hate her. IT IS YOUR FAULT!"

"My fault? How is it my fault? I don't even really know you then. You can't blame me."

I may not have known him well then. But Tiffany did.

The new property had opened, and we all have transferred over to the new office. At first the plan was to operate with an office staff of four. Then, when the property became busier, they would hire one more leasing consultant. Tons of people applied. Only a few were qualified. It came down to S, another girl that was the tallest girl I have ever seen (seriously, she had to be like 6 foot 5 and I think she was really pretty....I am pretty sure we hated her for that reason), and a guy Tiffany used to work with. We wanted the guy. He was nice. He had the most experience. And quite frankly, Tiffany and I thought it would be better to have one more guy than one more girl. But Frat Boy Mike wanted to round out his staff is a different way. You know, in a way that included a blond with big tits. Tiffany had worked with S before also. S was not the best choice. We told Frat Boy this. We fought hard for the guy. So when they chose S, we were pissed.

And we never let her live it down. She would never be one of us. Because? Well, because we wanted them to hire the guy....who happened to be none other than my Kenny!

I always wonder what would have happened if they had hired him. I was pregnant with Emmi and engaged to her father at that point in time. In hindsight I glad he didn't get hired. Because maybe we wouldn't be together now. But still...let's keep hating S, because really, she did turn out to be kind of a bitch.


J said...

I'm glad things worked out for the best for you! I love how you have been blogging lately, I like hearing stories about you and Tiff. You two seem like fun!

Erin and Liann said...

Wow, that's ironic!

And I TOTALLY second what J is saying! I'm glad you've been blogging!.. I check your page everyday (sans sundays) and I'm always excited when there's a new one!... you're funny my dear!!


Allie Bear said...

Okay, I feel like a douche hole because I haven't been reading anyone's blog lately, I check them so everyone's sitemeter says that I read it but if its too long then I don't read it. I've been so freaking tired and really dumb from this past weekend. I promise to catch up by tomorrow.

I am Trish Marie said...

Hey...I still have not ventured into the world of site meters, so I have no clue if you have checked or not. I am scared if I have a site meter then I will become obssessed with it!

zakary said...

Me too with the sitemeter. I have enough issues with my computer.