Sunday, March 9, 2008

Snip. Snip.

On Friday Kenny and I decided we were going out to lunch on Saturday. So instead of the usual Saturday morning slubby clothes, I actually got dressed. I had the girls go pick out clothes, as well. When we go out to eat, we like to go before the crowds. We planned to leave shortly before eleven. Everyone was dressed by 10:30. At 10:40, I was sitting at my computer when Emmi came running in the room.

Something looked different about her. It took me a minute to clue in on it. Did she change clothes. No? Did she take her hair down? No. It was already down. Hmm. Her bangs look different. Wait. Wait! She doesn't have bangs. OH GOD! OH GOD SHE DOESN'T HAVE BANGS!

Or she didn't five minutes ago. I slowly spin her around. Chunks of hair are missing around her head.

"Emmi. What. Did. You. Do."

"Humamamumama. Pretty." She smiles. Her smiles fades when she realizes I am not smiling back. The tears start. I stand up, grab my phone, and call my hair dresser.

"Alex. It's Tricia. Emmi butchered her hair. You have to fix it today." I sound calm. I am not. He can squeeze us in at three. In the meantime, I pull her hair into a ponytail. I use hairspray liberally, and clip the flyaway strands back. I keep telling myself over and over that Alex will be able to make it look okay. After all, I had a sticky note on my computer to make her hair appointment this week anyway. It was getting too long. I wanted it shorter. Maybe not that short. But shorter.

We go to lunch. I forget about the hair temporarily. Lunch was good. The girls were well behaved. Everyone is happy when we get home. The girls head upstairs to play.



I run up the stairs. Jill is holding a clump of hair. Emmi has chopped off the end of her ponytail.

Hey. At least she did it before her hair appointment.

Her hair was all one length before....and halfway down her back.

Showing off a clump of hair.

Emmi after her new short haircut!


Allie Bear said...

Luckily, neither of my kids have done this yet, kids at Nicholas' school do it all the time. Emmi's hair looks cute now though, if it makes you feel better. One of my cousins cut her hair when she was little and she literally cut it all off, it looked like what I did to Sophia but she was older, we laughed our asses off.

Sheri said...

Emmi, Emmi, Emmi... *shaking my head* Oh, why am I not surprised this happened? At least you could get her into the hair dresser. He did a great job with it.

Sheri said...
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I am Trish Marie said...

See what you guys can't tell is that it looks okay in the picture, but in real life it doesn't! The back has spots where, although the overall length is the same, there will be a layer two inches shorter than the rest. It is quite notcieable.

I went to her school today, and when I walked in the front office they started laughing. EVEN THE FRONT OFFICE had heard about her haircut, and I hadn't told her teacher. I suppose Emmi could have told them, but well, we know her limited language skills...

zakary said...

Zoe did this once, cutting her long hair off in front to her nose. Little stinkers.