Friday, February 29, 2008


When Tiffany drinks she morphs into her alter ego, Tippy. Tippy is fun good times. And she appears after, like, two sips of alcohol because Tiffany has the worlds lowest tolerance, which is amazing really when you think about how often she hits the box wine before noon. While we all love Tippy, I am pretty sure random strangers do not.

After Tiffany went out to eat one night, she could not keep Tippy at bay. Deciding it was unacceptable to return to her husband and children as Tippy the Wonder Drunk, she hatched a plan. Hang out at Walmart until the buzz wore off. Fine enough. So off to Walmart Tippy went.

The problem? Tippy sees some poor guy and decides it is none other than KANYE WEST. And she wants an autograph.

"KANYE!" She yells! And yells. And giggles. It was so not Kanye. Poor guy.

And, although, Tippy never did get Kanye's autograph, at least we did manage to get one good photo of Tippy and Kanye at Walmart.

Photo courtesy of Tricia's boredness circa 2005.


Mommyca said...

OMG, you two are my new heros! You both rick, just have to tell ya.

Anonymous said...

Nuh Uh! What the hell kind of pose is Tippy doing there?