Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tiffany's Stalker. Part II.

For those of you just joining us, I am currently working on a series of stories called, "A Tribute to Tiffany" cause, well, Tiffany and I are fucking funny. So kick back, relax, and enjoy another installment.....

Truth be told, I blamed Tiffany for the whole Violent incident. Gah! I mean, it was her fault that Crazy was at her house. Yes, I know. Perhaps if I had not been talking shit about her, I would not have been caught talking shit about her. But if Tiffany had just warned me that sometimes she gives in to Violent and lets her come over, then I wouldn't have opened my big mouth. See how I did that ladies and gentlemen? See how I made it all her fault? And? I planned on telling her just how it was her fault. Which I did. I even cried. But first, I had to know.

"What happened when she heard me say that?"

"Ha! I told her you were just jealous of her!"

"And she bought that load of crap?! Moron!" You can see how well I learned my lesson about talking shit. "But seriously. what are you going to do about her calling all the time? You have to put a stop to it."

Tiffany agreed. It did need to stop. But Tiffany is notorious for being non-confrontational, so the only option she could come up with was not answering the phone. I voted for telling her just what a loony she was, but apparently Tiffany felt this was the wrong plan. No. no. no. Tiffany thought it much better to ignore the problem and pray it went away.

It didn't.

Instead, it showed up on her doorstep.

Thinking quickly, Tiffany pulled the suitcases out from under her bed, dragging them into the living room, before throwing open the door.

"Hey Violet," she says angling the door so Violet can surely see the pile of suitcases. "We are just getting ready to go out of town." Like forever. So don't ever call or write. Okay now?

Crisis temporarily averted.


Erin and Liann said...

OH My gosh this is worse than the cliff hangers in a movie.. Sheesh who are you taking lessons from??


Tiffany said...

This is so funny!! I loooooove this story! Does it have a happy ending?! Stick around to find out!