Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Here a poo. There a poo. Everywhere a poo poo.

Emmi was rolling around on the floor, holding her tummy and moaning. I took her to the bathroom. She grunted a bit. Nothing.

I had the perfect solution. A warm bath to get things moving.

If only that were the problem.

About ten minutes into the bath, there was poo everywhere. In my bathtub, which I rarely let the kids bathe in. The very bathtub I planned on relaxing in later tonight, with a book and glass of wine.


J said...

Ewww! Icky Poo!

I used to hate that when Princess would poo in the tub. Thankfully she didn't do it often!

Allie Bear said...

Don't you just love kids and their bowel movements. Sophia has been having trouble lately and the bath seems to get her going too. In the last 2 months she's gone twice in the tub, she had never done it before that. I felt bad for Nicholas though because he was in the tub with her once, poor kid.