Friday, January 25, 2008

Meme. Meme. Memeee! Yep, I am singing it, too!

I got tagged by Trouble Maker today for a meme. I would pretend that I am being forced to do this, but in reality, I like it. Oh yeah.

Here are the rules:
-Link to the person who tagged you.
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-Post the rules on your blog.
-Share the seven (7) most famous or infamous people you have met. Or go with the original 7 weird things about yourself.
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-Include links to their blogs.
-Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So because I know no one either famous or infamous, I'll go with 7 weird things about me. Cause let's face it folks, I could write a book on weird things I do. I am an oddling. I am okay with that.

1. I set my alarm clock to an odd time. Not even. Odd. And it can't be mulitples of five either. Seriously. I wake up at 6:27. I cannot hit the snooze ever, because then it goes off again at 6:35. This started in high school. Although then it was 5:27 cause my hair had to look pretty, y'all. I have no idea what triggered this. I just go with it.

2. I eat the same thing for many meals in a row before I switch to something else. And I don't mean two or three meals. I mean, like, four months in a row. For instance, I have oatmeal every day for lunch. EVERY day. Unless, for some reason I go out to lunch. But back to the oatmeal. Same flavor, every day. Going on three months and two weeks now. Before that? A salad. Spinach Spring Mix, feta cheese, mozarella cheese, cesear vinegrette dressing, cherry tomatoes. That lasted about six months. I would do it for dinner, but the rest of the family doesn't really dig oatmeal for every meal.

3. I hate being cold. I would do anything to avoid being cold. I think I don't respond to cold like other people. Others are like, "damn, it's cold." Me? I am like, "Is anyone else in pain?" I feel actual pain. I don't think this is normal. And I am always cold. My normal body temperature is 97.9, unlike everyone's 98.6. Doctors don't believe me at first. But it is true. 97.9 . No higher. 98.6 means I am sick and running fever. Also, my toes (which, by the way, are insanely long) are like icecubes. Seriously. Kenny is constantly telling me to put socks on. Which leads to number four.

4. I hate seams in clothing. Especially socks. I hardly ever wear socks, because the seams drive me crazy. Long sleeves are also a problem. It is the fabric touching the inside of my elbow (whatever is that part of the body called?) that I can't stand. My oldest daughter has inherited this issue. It makes getting dressed a huge ordeal. Jillian and I fight about it constantly.

5. I think it is funny when kids are naughty. Not in the screaming-on-the-floor-tantrum kind of way. In the sneaky-look-what-I-got-away-with-while-you-weren't-looking kind of way. Take for example, the time my nephew cut all of his sister's hair off. Not so funny for his sister, but dude, Nephew, I give you mad props (sorry, I had to use that because it will be in a later blog...remember that for later. Mad props. I have a story about it.) for getting your sister to sit still for long enough to cut all of her hair off and not get caught while you were doing it. Or you know, like how every day Emmi comes home with her pockets loaded down with toys she stole from school. And when I told her teacher to check her pockets, she started stuffing things in her socks. Brilliant!

6. I watch Disney channel shows even when the kids aren't in the room anymore. London Tipton and I are, like, BFFs.

7. I never really listen when people talk for long periods of time (like more than five sentences). I try to. But I can't. The words jumble together. And suddenly I can't figure out where one word starts and another begins. So I just tune people out. It was a big problem when I was younger. I used to get in trouble in school a lot for not pay attention (although that had a little to do with my LOUD voice and constant talking). But seriously, I never listened to my teachers. It got easier to fake as I got older and we used textbooks more in school. I could just follow along in the book. I missed homework assingments if they were presented orally. I honestly didn't even realize I had a problem until pretty recently. I should have known it was not normal. But I always had decent grades, okay actually, pretty good grades, so it wasn't like people saw a problem. Teachers just thought I was being rude. And I guess, it is a little strange, because well, I talk ALL THE TIME. Really. Constantly. See...I am still talking.

Okay. I did it. I have more, but it only called for seven. And so now, I tag....
Not Your Typical Granny

Okay, I think that does it...

I know it said random, but like really, what was I supposed to do? Put everyone's name in a hat and draw?


Allie Bear said...

Oh my god, I am so like you, I tune people out, not intentionally but you really have to grab my attention if you want me to listen for longer than 2 minutes.

J said...

OMG you crack me the hell up. I love the part about not having things touch the inside of your elbows. That was awesome!