Sunday, January 6, 2008

Oh yeah. It's back.

My tastes in TV shows probably rivals a 16-year-old girls. Quite frankly, I am a little jealous that they all still have study hall in which they can discuss ever gory detail of the previous nights shows. But at least I have Tiffany. Oh yes. She too is like a 16-year-old girl when it comes to TV shows. Girl, don't lie. You know you are stoked cause ONE TREE HILL IS BACK!!! Hells yeah.
PS Please do not call me Tuesday between 7-9. I will be glued to my television. I might even be keeping my children up late tonight, so they will be extra sleepy tomorrow know, so I can put them to bed thirty minutes early.


Tiffany said...

I am seriously so excited! Everyone tune in cause if you don't, this will be the last year! I couldn't handle that. :)

SGM said...

Whew, now I don't feel so alone! My 18 year old niece gave the that "Step-Up" movie for Xmas last year. Yes, I am twice her age but we have the same taste. Excellent.