Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sleep, Child, Sleep.

By 7pm last night, I was yawning. Exhausted. I once told Kenny the greatest present he could ever give me would be to get the girls up and ready for school while I slept. After the ninth yawn, Kenny offered to let me sleep in. It requires a little planning, as lunches have to be packed a certain way, clothes have to be ironed. You know, things that according to Jill only I can do right. It was going to be perfect. Especially since Thursday is our long day. A few extra hours of sleep? Amazing. I was already dreaming about it.

2 am, I am shaken awake. "Mommy I can't sleep."

"Mummmummmmlaymmmummumbbledown." I motion for Jill to lay down on the floor. Her usual spot when she gets scared and crawls into our room.


Two hours. For two hours she continues to "WHISPER" to me about how she can't sleep. By 4am, I give up. I now can't sleep after being woken up so many times.

So much for being allowed to sleep in this morning. It is 5:30, I have taken two certification courses for work, watched an hour of Hairspray, and cleaned the kitchen. And I was supposed to sleep in. Damn.

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Anonymous said...

That sucks, but I'm impressed at how much stuff you were able to get accomplished in a sleepy haze. I would have vegged in front of the tv.