Friday, January 25, 2008

You want me to play what?

Jill has a friend that she loves. And fights with constantly. But she loves her. There is this bond between them that I am pretty sure will not go away. It was her first friend she made in kindergarten. Even after we moved and she stopped wanting to spend time with all of the other kids, she still insisted on seeing her. Which is fine with me. Cause her mom? She rocks. She makes me giggle. And she does funny shit. You know, like knowing damn well they tore down the McD's near our house, but telling her children they can have ice cream from there. Then pulling in the parking lot just to see the look on their faces. Oh shut up, it was funny. And? They got ice cream still. Just not from there. But I digress. Last weekend, Jill really wanted her to come over.

Jill spent the night out, so she was tired by the time Friend came over. She and Friend were having fun, though. They played and played for hours. Jill tries to boss her around, but Friend doesn't put up with it.

"Jill we have been playing your games for a long time. It is my turn to pick. I want to play Veterinarian."

I hear Jill dissolve into whines. I think perhaps she has hit her limit. Normally, I let them work out their own problems, but knowing Jill was so tired I went to intervene. I pulled Jill into her room.

"Sweetie. I know you are tired, but you guys only have about fifteen minutes left to play. Why don't you just play Veterinarian with her."

She looks at me. Tired. Circles under her eyes. It is not her usual whining. She quietly pleads with me. "Mom. I don't know what a Veterinarian is. How can I play Veterinarian when I don't even know what a fucking Veterinarian is?" As soon as it is out of her mouth, she startles. Tears pour out of her eyes. She is sobbing. "Mommy. I didn't mean to say that." Her whole body shakes.

Mine too. Except. Me? I am laughing. Hysterically.


That Chick Over There said...

You mean it's bad to laugh at that?

Because if so? You and I are going to hell.

I am Trish Marie said...

Oh I long ago decided I was going to hell. And screw it, I am going to have some fun along the way. And snicker when my kid says "fucking." Especially my rule following, naughty word police child.

zakary said...

She gets extra points for using it right!

zakary said...
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amy <> said...

Oh my gosh! The teacher in me really laughs because you know that next comes your sweet little girl using naughty words at school and the teacher calling you-- ha! Those sure are fun phone calls to make... usually the moms get mad at me! :) Just remember deny, deny, deny... I don't know where she learned words like that! I get that one all the time. :) ha ha!