Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oh Come On

I have already explained that my taste in TV shows rivals that of a sixteen-year-old girl. So tonight I settled in to watch One Tree Hill (with my Sweetheart Shake...shut up, Tiff. Just shut up. I caved okay?!). All was good. I was happily enjoying the flashback to three years ago. You know, right up until Lucas busts out his iPhone in the middle of the airport. Ummm hello. Did nobody catch that? Flashback? Three years ago? iPhone? They should let me edit these shows.

And to top it off, they had on of those Above the Influence commercials on. I think it is supposed to convince teenagers not to use drugs. But this one? It was so funny that I almost wanted to buy weed (oh don't lecture, I am joking). I mean, seriously, the teenage guy wraps himself up in a cocoon of weed. Then he emerges old, fat and bald! Hahahahaha. I laughed so hard. Maybe they should rethink their commercials. Cause that just moved up in the ranks near the rewards one where they guy pretends to ride his bike. Or maybe all the sugar from that Sweetheart Shake went to my head. Whatever.

Which makes me want to sing, "Sugar Higggghhhhhhh," while dancing on the rooftop.

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Tiffany said...

Why can't I just let One Tree go.. It's so corny!!