Monday, May 26, 2008

It's a love/hate relationship.

Normally I avoid Walmart at all costs. Target, I love thee. Walmart and I? We have had our problems. But? Jill wanted a Hannah Montana themed birthday party, and the only place that makes Hannah Montana cakes is, you guessed it, Walmart. So I went last week and ordered one for her actual birthday. It was surprisingly good. And cheap! I was sold.

Her party is on Saturday. I had to go back today to order another, much larger, cake for her party. This time the cupcake cake shaped like a guitar. We have been searching for months for Hannah Montana plates and napkins and such to no avail. I found them online, but the shipping costs three times the amount of the stupid plates. Hell no. So I resolved to buy purple table covers, napkins, and plates. At least the cake went with the theme. I was already at Walmart, so I decided to grab the supplies while I was there.

I went to the party supply isle. It seemed kind of bare. There were two large boxes at the end of the isle. Obviously they were restocking. The pickings were slim. I eyed the boxes to see if perhaps there might be more purple table cloths inside. I needed one more. Then I saw it. The packing slip said "H. Montana." No. It couldn't be. I opened the box, and there inside. was. Hannah. Montana. party. supplies. I quickly found someone to help me. He informed that the items had not been properly stocked or checked in or whatever, so I would have to wait. Being the crazy lady that I am, I demanded that he do it right then. I had to have those. I think I scared him, and he wanted me to leave. But there was no getting rid of me until I got my Hannah Montana party supplies. I waited while he scanned each item, and grabbed them from him before he could even shelve them. I scooped up napkins, and plates, and a Happy Birthday banner, and party favors, and I think perhaps I will be the best mommy ever.

And Walmart. Sorry about that hating you thing.


Sheri said...

Well, I would still hate them. That would be enough to keep me from wanting to burn the establishment to the ground, though. :P

rubyredruca said...

Ooh, we don't like us that Wal-Mart. We union people!

Allie Bear said...

I'm so glad my kids are still too young to care about that stuff, I know its coming soon though.

BTW I abhor Walmart.

Ashley said...

I heart Target too. But as for the Evil know its too close to the neighborhood. But you can only go at like midnight or at the crack of dawn before the rest of the population shows up. ha!

Glad you found what you were looking for.

Oh, did you get your pictures yet??

zakary said...

Wal-Mart can suck it. I got Zoe's Hannah Montana cake from King Soopers, which I'm not sure if you have those in Texas.

Hope Jill had a good birthday.

Leah J. said...

Fun times! Last time we were at Walmart some crazy man tried to take Casen out of his car seat to hold him because he was crying. Scary place! But, apparently great for Hannah Montana party stuff! Glad they are good for something!

Chickie said...

I still hate Wal-Mart.