Saturday, May 24, 2008

What was he thinking?

Jill normally goes to her dad's right after school gets out and stays through most of the summer. This year, she chose to only go for a few weeks, so she isn't going until sometime in July. So her dad sent her birthday present to her. It arrived yesterday. It was a large box. She dug right in, pulling out a karaoke machine that her ipod plugs into. And? A movie. My Girl. A classic from when we were younger. Except that it came out when we were in about fifth grade (I think). Not first grade. I told Jill I didn't think the movie was appropriate for her to watch. She grumped. Then. Little smarty that she is, plays the dad card. "Well, dad thinks it is okay, or he wouldn't have given it to me." Yeah. Well, your dad is obviously an idiot. No offense, Kris, but seriously?

Half-way through the movie and the topics that have been brought up so far are death, periods, smoking joints, womanizing, and AIDS. Although the movie didn't directly bring up AIDS. I just had to strongly warn her against the whole "blood brothers" thing.

I've already explained the death thing, so all we have left is the momma in jail thing after I kill her father.

****Disclaimer: I am not threatening to kill her father for real. We get along just fine.******


J said...

Oh I loved that movie. But I totally agree. I saw it after I had started my period, so there was no scaring me there. If I had seen it before? Yeah I would be terrified.

I think his heart was in the right place, though. Right? I mean, 'My Girl'? How sweet.

Anonymous said...

I loved that movie and the first time I saw it I might have been around her age. Everything went WAY over my head, and at the time I just thought Maculay Culkin was cute.

Sheri said...

Oh, he didn't! I don't think I would let Madison watch that one, yet. It's worse than Bambi with the whole death thing. Oh, and don't get me started on the bees. That is all a kid needs to see that is ridiculously scared of anything bug related. @@

What's another movie that deals with pre-teen angst, especially anything dealing with periods, that you could send along with Jill when she goes to visit him? Let him be the one to have to sit through it and explain everything. :D

zakary said...

Zoe's dad does the same thing. It must be nice to not have a brain.

Allie Bear said...

The totally inappropriate movie that I watched when I was young was Dirty Dancing. Like Ruby said, everything went way over my head, when I finally watched it when I was older I was like, "What? She had an abortion?" I had thought she was sick and I never understood why Baby's dad was mean about it. LOL