Monday, May 26, 2008


I don't really have much to say today. I have been sick. Really sick. So I haven't left the house or talked to anyone for days. The kids got shipped off for the weekend so I could rest. They are coming back later today. I am feeling much better, and am now bored. I already went through the whole house unstraightening everything the maid straightened. Not uncleaning. Not like that. The maid, apparently, can't stand it when I put things at angles. I have three shelves over the couch with some candles, a picture of Kenny and I, a vase, and such. She lines everything up perfectly straight. After she leaves, I go back around and re-angle it all. I know, I know. One would think that I could just tell her not to straighten it. But no. This is nothing new. She has been doing this for years. Anyway, I realized today that I had slacked in the re-angling. Everything in our house was completely straight. I fixed it all. Now I am out of things to do. I could sit by the pool and read, but my antibiotic says to stay out of the sun. I ignored that yesterday, and napped (yelled obnoxious, not at all helpful comments at Kenny) outside while Kenny worked on the outdoor kitchen. Now my feet are burned. And my ankles. The rest of me was in the shade. So that just leaves tackling some of my to-do list.

1. Order Jill's (second) birthday cake. This one for her party next weekend.

2. Work on party favors for Jill's birthday. It's a Hannah Montana themed party. I am burning copies of Hannah Montana CD's with customized CD covers, tying a balloon to it, and calling it a day.

3. Shop online for new bathing suit. I know I own like forty bathing suits. But a girl always needs a new bathing suit for vacation...AND Kenny and I finally booked our trip to Mexico!!

4. Pack up winter clothes from the girl's closets. Bleh. I think I will keep putting that one off.


Sheri said...

So, you WERE getting sick afterall. That sucks! I also have to go through all the clothes in the girls' closets and pull out the winter ones. Ava keeps wanting to wear long sleeve shirt how many times I tell her it is 90*+ outside. @@

I am Trish Marie said...

Jill wore a red sweater ("IT IS SHORT SLEEVED!!!" She tells me.) and black velvet pants on Saturday. She quickly decided that was a bad idea.

Sheri said...

LOL-- natural consequences at its best. :D