Friday, May 23, 2008


I should have posted a little more about how we messed with Jill about her birthday present....

Since we moved in the house next door has been partially burned down. After living here a year and a half, they finally started to tear it down on Monday to rebuild.

As we were tucking Jill into bed the night before her birthday, she asked for a hint about her present. "Is it big or small?"

"Well, I had to use the trailer to pick it up," Kenny said.

Jill looked confused. Nothing she asked for was that big.

"Yep. And we had them tear down that burned down house, so we could set it up over there."

She looked at me astonished. Then, after a minute, her eyes narrowed. "You are lying!"

"Oh honey. I prefer to call it tricks."


Allie Bear said...

LOL, you little devil.

Sheri said...

Hey, what's the point in having kids if you can't mess with them. :P

Erin and Liann said...

LOL... My parents swore up and down they weren't going to get my seester a car for Christmas.. They had her thoroughly convinced. My dad has a sick sense of humor so he put a toy car in a box and wrapped it for her... She was not amused.. Then he was being a brat and asked her to get something unnecessary from the back yard, giving her a hard time.... and there was the car!! Those are the best kind of surprises!!