Tuesday, April 22, 2008

B Jobs

I normally don't allow the kids to watch movies in the car. But I have been lazy and haven't disconnected the DVD player in the car after our trip. (I generally disable it so that they can't turn it on back there!) I just don't see the point in watching a movie for the five minutes it takes to get to the store or dance lessons or such. What is wrong with singing to the radio? Or, I don't know, staring out the window and using your imagination?

But. It is still connected, and The Bee Movie has been playing for days. I have never actually seen the movie. I just hear it playing along behind me. I can quote most of it. But today, part of the movie caught my attention. I thought perhaps I heard it wrong. I rewinded it. I listened closer. No. I definitely heard right. But maybe, just maybe it was my perverted mind that read too much into it. I mean certainly they didn't mean to make a dirty joke, did they? I mean, really, they meant absolutely nothing when that little bee said

"Most bee jobs are small. But most people know that even small bee jobs, when done well, are worth it."

Uh. Yep. I think most men would say so.


David said...

Too funny.
Seinfield spent a lot of time going over every inch of the script to make lots of great lines

Allie Bear said...

That's sooooo funny. I love to catch adult humor in kid's movies, Shrek is great for that.

Sheri said...

LMAO-- what shocks me is that I didn't catch that.

SGM said...

AWESOME! He included that for people like us, who will just hear it from the front seat or in the kitchen.

SGM said...

p.s. love your new look!