Monday, April 7, 2008

It's the thought that counts.

This morning, I snapped at Kenny over something small. And really, it didn't even affect me. It wasn't me who would be late this morning for not getting Emmi up on time. It was him. So there was no point getting irritated with him. I felt bad.

I thought about cooking him a big meal as an apology, but lets face it, I don't really cook. The house is already clean, so he won't be thrilled to come home to a clean a house. He has cold beer in the fridge, and, really, he doesn't drink them on the weekdays anyway. I had all day to come up with something. I really did owe him an apology.

The bus was late, because of construction at the entrance to our neighborhood. I took advantage of the few extra moments to sit outside in the sunshine. It was then I noticed the weeds in the flower beds. And the leaves. Geez. You would think, with a landscaping company that we would have the nicest yard on the block, not the one that needed to be mowed. But what's the saying about the shoemaker's children? (Although really, you have to see our kicks ass.)

While I waited, I picked weeds. I had both flower beds finished before the bus arrived. I wheeled the trash can out to throw the leaves into it. The bus arrived, and Emmi settled down next to me to watch my work. I grabbed one handful of leaves. Then another. Then anoth....wah...are the leaves moving? And the I see them. Snakes. Two or three on the ground, and several in my hands. I scream, throwing snakes into the air, and running for my life, leaving Emmi behind to fend for herself.

And you know, I never did finish picking up the leaves. But hey, it's the thought that counts.


Ashley said...

I seriously crack up at your blog! I would have died of a heart attack...right there in your flower bed. I HATE snakes!!!!!

Hope y'all are doing well.

Erin and Liann said...

LOL, That cracks me up... My 10 year old seester has a snake.. a ball python, I have to admit that it is always fun to show someone new the snake and see their reactions...


Sheri said...

OMG--I have chills running through me just reading that! UGH!!!! They are getting ready to do some work around the neighborhood this week, and they warned us to watch for snakes and other creepy critters. Take a guess who won't be outside for a few days.

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

LOL, I am reading through all your old posts. Apparently I'm your new feel special!

My favorite part was that you left Emmi to fend for herself.
About a year ago I was at my sister in law's house and we were out in the backyard with her 3 kids and my punk. All the sudden there was a HUGE swarm of bees and they were covering us, I ran inside and shut the door, leaving my poor defenseless child to fend for herself. But in my defense...I'm allergic to bees.