Saturday, April 5, 2008

Go Eagles! And such.

A month or so ago, I got the card in the mail for my high school reunion. I was actually kind of shocked that they found my new address. Then Kenny reminded me that the school probably had access to their own records. And considering we are zoned to our old high school, I was probably easy to find. The post card is sitting on my desk. I still have not decided if I want to go. Now, Kenny's reunion....I am all over, there are so many people I want to see! At dinner last night, Kenny and I start debating whether or not we were going to mine.

I make the point that I keep in contact with several people from my grade. The others, I lost contact with on purpose. I can't honestly think of one person out of the 600+ graduating class that I didn't either have the email address or phone number of that I have any desire to see.

Kenny makes the point that everyday is like a high school reunion. The group we are meeting up with later that evening includes around twenty people. All from our high school. Although, we get creative, we blend graduating classes.

I make yet another point against. Not many of my friends are going. Leah and I talked pretty much the day the cards came in the mail, and neither one of us seemed really thrilled about going. Cate has a wedding that weekend. The list goes one.... Ashley on the other hand, has already planned the whole weekend out for me. Down to what I should wear. She really wants to go. Kenny and her hubby get along good, so we would have fun with them.

But yet, even though I keep coming up with reasons not to go, I think I might. I mean, after all, I am skinnier than I was in high school. And that's what counts, right?


David said...

I want you to go to give you material for an outrageously funny post. You know how much fun it will be for your loyal readers Trish!

Not a Granny said...

I agree with David. Think of it as blog fodder!

My 30 year reunion is next year. I am not in contact with hardly anyone I went to school with.

Erin and Liann said...

I honestly can't wait for my HS reunion... Not because I was miss popularity, but because I want to see if people have met my expectations.. and there are some people that I still keep in touch with and would love to see!! I'm weird... But I like to rub my success in other peoples faces, as long as they are people who have previously pissed me off of course... ;)


Allie Bear said...

I'm not going to go to mine but to be honest with you I don't care about anyone I went to high school with. They were mostly bitchy JAPs (I went to Bellaire) and I don't care to see them again. They'll probably be bitches like you that got
Why can't I get thinner? she asks while eating an ice cream sandwich.

Anonymous said...

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Sheri said...

Isn't like three different events over the weekend? Why not just go to one of those? It could be worth just so you can come back and tell me all about it. :D I would much rather go to your's than mine.

I do plan go to mine, and I am glad you will be there to have fun with me.