Saturday, April 26, 2008

Current Gripes.

1. My throat has been sore for two weeks. Allergies. No, really. But nothing is helping.

2. I miss Dr. Pepper. It is hard to decide what is worse. Migraines or lack of Dr. Pepper.

3. Fucking iTunes no longer burns cds. And their online help? Is no help. They tried to blame my computer. Right. Three computers just magically broke on the same day. I had to download a program to convert all of my songs from iTunes format to wmv, and then burn discs in windows media player. It takes FOREVER to burn cds. And it took me like a week to figure out how to do that.

4. My bangs won't grow out fast enough. It is driving me crazy. And this in between hair? Looks like mommy hair. That mommy, driving a suburban, and living in a middle class, gated community. Oh wait.

5. How come my kids can operate a Blackberry, a video ipod, a computer, a dvd player, and are the only ones who know the unlock code to the DVR, but the CAN'T FLUSH THE TOILET?


David said...

Does Dr. Pepper have caffeine?
I love it as well, but don't crave it.
I am so out of the loop with Itunes since I lost my ability to hear. I hope to play catch up and get back in the game soon
Nice gripes btw
you still make me smile

I am Trish Marie said...

It isn't the caffeine that is the problem. My migraine medicine makes carbonated drinks taste bad.

Erin and Liann said...

I hate in between hair and have a habit of cutting it myself... Usually it looks good... But I've had some slight horror stories too... Another reason I am glad to move back to my home town for a few months?? I'll be close to my Dearest Troy... He is a hair cutting God of a gay man..... I have missed him!!!


Allie Bear said...

I'm a recovering Dr. Pepper addict, I occasionally have a relapse (last week for instance).

Tiffany said...

Dr. Pepper is the Devil. Seriously.