Sunday, April 13, 2008

My turn.

I was tagged by David from Life in a Cone of Silence. It looked like fun. I was in the mood to play along. So here goes......

Question 1) What I was doing ten years ago?
If I tell you exactly, then it will completely date me. Not that I care if you know how old I am. Twenty eight to be exact. I just feel like I am not taken seriously when people know my age. I want to be older. But....ten years ago, I was in school. I was happily oblivious to anything else that would happen in my life. I thought I knew it all. Had it all figured out. I was smug. I was also wrong. At the time, my plan was to graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Masters in Architecture. I actually never intended to work. Really. I was one of those people who figured I would marry rich and have kids and never use my degree. But, dude, I would sound smart when I said I went to UT Arch.

Question 2)Five Snacks I enjoy:
1. Mmmmm chocolate. Dark chocolate.
2. Apples with caramel dipping sauce. Okay technically they are for the kids lunch, but so what. I bought them. I like them. I will eat them if I want.
3. Yogurt. Vanilla. The low sugar kind. Dear Lord, I am boring. But I eat, like, three a day.
Is it bad that I can come up with nothing else? I don't snack much. I enjoy a good slice of cake from time to time, but that is a dessert, not a snack.
4.Oh wait, can I count coffee? I like coffee. Especially in the afternoon.

Question 3)Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
I've thought this one out a lot. See, when I found out that Emmi had a serious medical condition that would plague her for the rest of her life and also keep me from working a normal job, I was a single mom with two kids. I was working full-time, but missing work constantly for Emmi's doctor's appointments and such. I was very lucky. My family was able to help me out, and my aunt offered me part-time work that has evolved into my full-time, very flexible position. But I have no clue what other people in my position do. So I want to help other parents of disabled children. I want to start a foundation, which I plan to do with or without a billion dollars.
And also? I would buy a house in Mexico, so I could go hang out there whenever I want.

Question 4)Five jobs that I have had:
1.Camp Counselor at the neighborhood tennis club. They had a sports camp. I worked there three years.
2.Gymnastics Instructor. During college.
3.Director of a Montessori School.
4.Realtor. This is actually how I started talking to Kenny (you know, since he is my broker!)...worthy of a blog one day!
5.Data admin something or another. I have no idea what my title is. I do computery type things!

Question 5)Three of my habits:
1.I have to go to bed with freshly shaved legs. Every night. I can't have prickly legs touching my sheets.
2.I ride in the car with my feet on the dashboard. Always. There are foot prints on the inside of the windshield to prove it.
3.I have to watch TV before I got to sleep. Even if it is just a few minutes and I don't actually watch it. I turn it on, stare at it a bit, and then feel like I got my down time.

Five place I have lived:
1. Port Arthur, Texas
2. Longview, Texas
3. Houston, Texas
4. Austin, Texas
5. Dallas, Texas
and back to Houston....

Technically I should tag five people, but Jill just came home sick from school. I am going to fall short on this one.
But Tiffers, I think you do this!

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