Tuesday, August 19, 2008


For a long time whenever anything goes wrong, I have blamed the chupacabras. "I am late, and I can't find my keys again! I know those damn chupacapras took them." Or when some animal climbed up on our table outside, ate the bag of bird seed, and left a huge pile of poo? Yep. Chupacabra. The missing part to Emmi's CI? Chupacabra. Mostly cause "chupacabra" is a really fun word to say. And also, cause I like to blame someone for all of the little problems in my life. It has been a habit for years.

Then there was this.

And suddenly, I referenced chupacabras in everything. Now even Kenny has joined in with Chupacabra references.

Our dogs like to play a game we have named "Bite Face." They growl, box, and, well, bite each other's faces. Another favorite game is "Who Can Run Down the Stairs the Fastest and Slide the Greatest Distance Through The Dining Room." Last night they started a new game. One would sit down, as if relaxing, the other would walk by, circling closer until *BANG* the game of chase was on. It ended when the chaser caught and pinned the other dog.

"What are they doing?" I looked at Kenny and laughed.

"It's like cops and robbers for dogs. One is the good guy, one is the bad. Except it's 'Dog and Chupacabra.' See Macy is like, 'Okay, now I'll be the dog, and you be the chupacabra.' See Sadie is the chupacabra now."

And with that, Sadie pinned Macy to the ground. Damn chupacabra.


zakary said...

That's so funny! Zoe is obsessed with chupacbras too. She heard it on the news and now when her friends come over, she shows them alleged chupacabra videos on You Tube.

rubyredruca said...

My dogs are little freaks too. But we don't hear much about the Big C around here. Only from my Nana, who used to like to scare us about him(?) and Llorna. Have you heard about her? Maybe you could scare you kids into shape with that one.

Allie Bear said...

LOL, Sadie and Macy play just like Susie and Dollar do, we say they are playing UFC.

Dirty Pirate Hooker said...

OMG, I totally blame stuff on the chupacabra too!!!

And I'm sorry, am I the only one who noticed his huge balls? And the cops haircut? Nice.

I am Trish Marie said...

We did make fun of the haircut!

J said...

Did you just remove a blog?

My reader shows you blogged but now it's missing!