Sunday, August 31, 2008

A hurricane is comin'! Sort of.

Whenever a hurricane hits now, there is mass panic. Gas stations in Houston along the major freeways see an huge increase in traffic. We are the direct path out of Louisiana, Port Arthur, Beaumont. With the possibility yesterday that Houston could be involved, I went early to fill the Suburban up. The poor, unloved Suburban that spends more time in the driveway of the burned down house than on the road. But, it would be the car of choice should we have to evacuate, considering it would hold kids, dogs, and all our loved possessions, plus pull the trailer. I expected long lines at the gas station. Kenny and I tend to find these things funny. It shouldn't be a big deal. Either get out or don't. The panic is unnecessary. But since SO many people panic, you have to plan according to their behavior. So early to the gas station I went.

No line.

However, there were about 900 people in front of me at Starbucks.

****Later in the day, we had to fill my other car to go to Kenny's cousin's wedding. I went in to get a drink. The attendant said they had sold more gas in that one day than they had all week due to the hurricane. He also said the other shop owned by his company was already out of gas. Ummm....really?

And? I keep telling Kenny, "You know that damn thing is going to change directions and hit Houston, cause they are sending everyone here. And, we decided to leave the dogs behind and bring nothing with us when we pick the kids up from Austin today."


J said...

Well, you know if the hurricane really does hit, you can always come up here! My door is always open to you.

Sheri said...

Yeah, we haven't even flinched here. I mean, we are 60 miles in from the coast. I don't see it being anything we need to evacuate for. Daniel did fill the car up, but it isn't like he took off work for the next few days or anything. I may venture out for bread in a bit, but that's about it for hurricane preparedness here. We did just hit Costco last week, though, and stocked up on things we normally would not have that could come in handy. kwim

I am Trish Marie said...

Okay...we did laugh because we filled the car up, but didn't buy anything. We were like, "Think Sprite will work if we need something to drink? Cause we have tons of that left over from parties."

My family is from the Beaumont area, and they had to evacuate by today. My uncle has some really high up position at one of the refineries, so he has to stay behind everytime. He is there, but the rest of the family left. However, until recently, you NEVER left for hurricanes. You just weren't stupid enough to sit by the windows.

I am Trish Marie said...

J, I could pretend the hurricane is coming, and we could just hang out. I could use a little vacation!