Friday, August 1, 2008

Um. Where is my coffee?

Kenny is male. Obviously. Well, at least I think it is obvious. And that, of course, means he only half listens to me. Oh get it off it. I am not just bashing men. It is partly our fault. I mean really, do you think they care when we are all like, "And then she said.....and then I said....and can you believe her? Oh my god." No. They don't. They don't want the play by play of what we gossiped about all day. But if they don't pretend to listen, then we get mad. So they half listen to us. And next thing you know, they half listen to everything we say. Which is twice as much as I listen to Kenny. So really I shouldn't be complaining. But.

"I have a headache today. I took my migraine meds, but it didn't help. I think I need more caffeine," I said in an attempt to justify a trip to Starbucks. Then I realized Kenny was going to the bank. Right by Starbucks. "Bring me home some coffee, and I will love you even more than I do!" I thought he was actually listening when he even asked what kind of drink I wanted.

I figured out I was wrong when two hours later he called to tell me that after the bank he decided to go buy a new phone and check on his workers. And that he would be home in a few more hours.

Oh. And oops. He took the keys to BOTH of my cars. So unless I plan to walk to Starbucks, I ain't gettin' any.


Allie Bear said...

Not to rub it in or anything but I had Starbucks today for the first time in months and it was mmm mmm good.

Sheri said...

Uh huh...yeah...okay...wait, what?

That is all I get from Daniel. He never listens to me anymore. He doesn't find it so funny when I pull the same thing when he is asking for sex. LOL

Brook said...

hahaha so true!

Anonymous said...

Starbucks is like crack and I am holding it directly responsible for the flab that is now hanging on ass.

Anonymous said...

um, MY ass that is. And a few other places :-)