Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I got me a hater!

i have been reading your blog for a while now and i just cannot believe how much you think of yourself. Nobody else can compare to you and you just think your the sh*t. wow. the wedding that you "weren't" in..the low-life mcdonalds workers..the neighbor...the list goes on and on. Not everyone has the luxury you do, but don't put people down for it. Really, you should find other things to blog about. your not the princess you think you are....

I got this comment today. Uh. Okay you are entitled to your opinion. And quite frankly, I just find it funny that people take the time to post hater comments. But I wonder, do you actually read what I write? Or just scan through it?

'Cause I never once said I was better than anyone. I said I expect people to treat others the way they expect to be treated. If you work at McD's, cool. You probably make about as much as me. Seriously. So you aren't beneath me in any way. But don't treat me like shit because I am a patron of the place where you hate working. THAT, my friend, was the point. NOT that I thought I was better than the people there. The point was I am irritated at people who hate their jobs taking it out on people who are paying money at said place of employment. It happens everywhere.

My neighbors are bitches. I will keep blogging about them. Often. In fact, are you one of my neighbors? Is that why you are so pissy with me? That would make sense.

And? Really, if I bug you so damn much, why on Earth keep reading my blog? I am very curious. I just have to know.

Also, please, when you insult me, use proper grammar. I have this thing about proper grammar. I have a hard time even giving you any credit when you can't capitalize "I" or throw a comma in every now and then.

Last. Yep. I like me a lot. I am glad that comes across in my writing. But, I think anyone that has met me knows that I am a pretty nice person. So I am not really all that worried about what someone who has never met me thinks of me. But thanks for your time!

And everybody look, I finally got my own hater!!! I am SOOO excited!

Amendment: I decided to actually look at my sitemeter today. I rarely check it. I know who my hater is!!! Uh. Creating a fake profile doesn't disguise you. Your computer still has the same IP address, smarty. But I'll give you two points for trying.


Melissa said...

I've been reading your blog for a while but have never commented. Now I have to! I totally "get" you, if that's possible by reading a blog, and I think you're hilarious. You seem like you'd be a cool person to hang out with. You've never came across like you think you're better than other people. (I hope this was proper grammar, this stupid thing doesnt have spell check!)

Keep blogging!
A loyal reader..

Tiffany said...

Yeah! Everyone needs a hater!

I am Trish Marie said...

Melissa...thanks for commenting. You rock, my friend! And you get to throw grammar aside if you are being cool. I do. You can come hang out with me whenever you want.

Allie Bear said...

Ummmm, if this person thinks you think highly of yourself then they should meet me. I am so much better than everyone, seriously, you are the only person I feel is worthy of my friendship, that's probably because you are a princess.

I am Trish Marie said...

It is true. I am a Princess. Allie, you forgot to capitalize "Princess." It is my title. It deserves a big P.

And Allie, I am only friends with YOU because you passed my qualifications test. It is comprised of several parts. There is, of course, the survey, then the interview. After that, I must review your financial statements. Being that I am filthy rich and all (hehehehe...Tiff see, I told you I was rich! Fly swatter AND ice tray!), I must make sure my friends are too.

Linda said...

I'm saddened to learn of this new development after what you told me you'd discovered when you returned from your trip. I've known of some animosity directed toward you but hidden from me, but I didn't think it would go this far. I'm sorry, Sweetie. I'm glad you're not too taken aback, because I certainly am. I understand that as an accomplished writer, you're deliberately creating a certain voice in your blog, an ironic and humorous take on life, but I guess that's not understood by others. You could blog about your concern about Emmi, the way you struggle to work and pay bills while getting Emmi to multiple therapies and doctors' visits, the way you strive to spend some time with Jill, too, deal with the physical challenges you've had the last couple of years, and build a life for you and Kenny. You could moan and groan about what life has dealt you but instead you deliberately adopt an ironic and upbeat personna that some people are just not going to understand, even people who purport to be friends.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what Linda said. You rock, we all know it. End of freaking story. (is the hater a neighbor?)

Not a Granny said...

Sheesh, I really don't like haters. But, they do make for some entertaining blogging!

Allie Bear said...

Go Linda, it's your birthday!!!

The Broken Man said...

Please excuse my grammer, I'm dyspraxiic, so it causes me trouble sometimes! I have a hater too! I just don't get it - why do these people continue to read blogs they hate?! It's just bizarre!

The Broken Man

I am Trish Marie said...

Broken Man...you can have alllll the bad grammar you want, if you are nice to me! I only point out bad grammar when I am looking for something to bitch about!

And well, you know, most of the time the haters actually know you in real life. They are looking for something to point out about you in your blog. Generally some weak point, because that is all they can come up with.