Monday, August 11, 2008

It's not my fault you have to work there.

Look, I get it that some people don't have job like me where you sit with your computer in your lap watching the DVR recording of the Olympics while working on three projects at once all while smiling cause, really, your job is cool. Not everyone has that. But what I don't get is why people seem so pissed off when they have to *gasp* do the job they are paid to do.

Andrea and I were having the trip from hell home from Bastrop. The kids were hungry, making for the sixth stop in the past hour of driving. We opted for the McD's drive-thru.

"Can I take your order?" Uh. I guess you can. I am not super sure. Can you? However, you may take my order. And no. I didn't really say that to her. Instead, I said, "Two kids meals with cheeseburgers and lemonade to drink."

"Is that all?"


"That will be $5.47."

"Um, I said I had more to order." I looked at Andrea, making a face at her.

"Ma'am please pull forward to the first window." Uh. Wha?? I wasn't done. Is there a limit to how much you can order at once? I was thoroughly confused. At the window, I tried to explain that we weren't done with our order. My explanation is met with eye rolling from not one, but TWO employees waiting for me at the window. One of them starts pushing buttons on the register calling up the screen for our order, the other girl walks off.

"Okay, so we will have two kids meals with cheeseburgers...." I am cut off before I can say more by the one girl left at the window. "Ma'am, I am not the one taking your order, she is." She motions back towards the girl who has walked away. She is? How? From way over there? After shuffling napkin boxes around, Order Taker returns.

I smile politely. Too politely. Mockingly. But she doesn't know that. "When you are ready to take my order, just let me know!" I continue to smile. She says nothing and stares at me. So I sit, smiling while more cars pile into the drive-thru. Still nothing. Finally, she relents. "I am ready." I grin more, "Oh goody, thanks! Two kids meals with cheeseburgers......." She types our order in wrong. And? I make the mistake of telling her that I said cheeseburgers, not nuggets. She mutters something that resembles "Bitch" under her breath which I ignore, because I need those burgers to shut the screaming children up. Her muttering is nothing in comparison. Even though I am not sure how I am being a bitch by expecting to actually get what I order.

After much eye rolling and sighing our bags are finally handed over. Four drinks. Three bags. A stack of napkins good for the next month worth of happy meals. But? No straws. The window is already shut. I wait patiently for someone to notice we are still sitting there. I start dancing around in the car in an attempt to get there attention. It does nothing more than illicit laughter from the occupants of not only my car but the car behind me. Finally, I tap the horn.

Order Taker appears. She does not look happy. Uh-oh.... Her eyes narrow as she slides the window open. "Obviously you need something."

I smile sweetly. "Oh really. Was that obvious by my not driving off and honking? Or was it obvious by the fact that you gave me four drinks with NO straws?"


Erin and Liann said...

Drive through attitude?? NEVER?? Yeah, I refused to ever work in the fast food "industry." Kudos to people who can manage it anc keep their sanity... I will stick to other things thank you... like joblessness... that one is fun too... as long as you have the saving to back it up!!


SMILF said...

I am pretty sure I would want to kill people on a daily basis if I had to work a drive thru, but that doesn't give those people the right to act like assholes. I agree with you there.

Leah J. said...

One of the many reasons I prefer Chick-Fil-A over any other drive through ... they are ALWAYS so nice!!

I am Trish Marie said...

You make a good point, Leah. They even start the order with, "It's a great day at Chic-Fil-A." Of course they did forget my brownie I ordered yesterday....

Andrea did say that she noticed people in general were a lot less friendly here. Well, at least as far as waitresses, retail workers, etc.

But seriously...get another job if you don't like where you work!

notyou said...

i have been reading your blog for a while now and i just cannot believe how much you think of yourself. Nobody else can compare to you and you just think your the sh*t. wow. the wedding that you "weren't" in..the low-life mcdonalds workers..the neighbor...the list goes on and on. Not everyone has the luxury you do, but don't put people down for it. Really, you should find other things to blog about. your not the princess you think you are....

Mint Julep said...

I always grin and bare it at the drive thru, because they WILL spit in your food. Seriously.

rubyredruca said...

Chick-Fil-A sounds really good right now.

When we go to McD's my son gets the nuggets and THEY charge for 1 BBQ sauce! Just 1! Shouldn't that be illegal?!?

I am Trish Marie said...

YAY!!! I finally got a hater!! I have been waiting and waiting for one! I feel like I have finally made it!

Dude, seriously, if I bug you so much THEN QUIT READING MY BLOG. And I think you missed the point. I don't think I am better than someone who works at McD's, I think you should do the job you are paid to do with grace and courtesy.

Allie Bear said...

You know the sad thing is that this douche had to make a profile so they could leave you that comment. What kind of loser does that just to leave a nasty comment. You are so much better than this peasant, how dare she speak to a princess that way.