Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Things Bus Driver's Should Not Say

Somehow, it does not garner faith, confidence, and trust in the bus driving abilities of Emmi's driver when she says to me "Can you write down the directions from Neighborhood Over There to your house for me? I keep getting lost." Oh awesome.


Sheri said...

Um, how can someone get lost there? That would REALLY concern me, too.

Allie Bear said...

LOL, maybe it's because your area has obscure names for your neighborhoods like "That Neighborhood Over There."

The Van Fam said...

oh my!! i knew there was a reason i kept considering home schooling. lol!!! actually, a friend of mine's mom is one of the admin over transportation for cy-fair and she said the last kid made it home at 7:05 last night. can you imagine?!

oh, and just fyi...found your blog through rachel's! =)

I am Trish Marie said...

Well Allie, for your information, your brother happens to live in That Neighborhood Over There, while I live in This Neighborhood Right Here. Makes much more sense now doesn't it? And really, how the hell hard can it be to get between the two?

Wow. I think I would have a fit if Emmi came home that late! Luckily there are only two kids on her bus, I don't think they can screw that up too much!

zakary said...

Jesus. Christ.

It cracks me up, but it's not funny. Especially if there are only two kids to drop off. Two! People are idiots.