Saturday, August 9, 2008

Heading to Bastrop.

I think when I talk to people I feel like I am saying one thing, but everyone is hearing something completely different. Or I will answer a question like, "So and so said they would like to do such and such, what do you think of that idea," with a response of "sounds good." And suddenly, because I agreed that such and such sounded good for so and so, I am involved in somehow. When in reality, I was merely doing a verbal version of smiling and nodding.

On another note, the visit with Andrea and Madelyn is going great! At first Emmi really enjoyed having another baby around. She was no longer the youngest....there was someone to boss around! But the novelty wore off quick, when she suddenly needed to sleep in her crib again after, like, a year of sleeping in a big bed. She spent a good hour last night yelling, "GO 'WAY BABY. GO 'WAY MADELYN!" All while Kenny and I laughed hysterically at her crossing her arms and stomping her foot. It's hard to give merit to a fit that is so damn cute. The rest of the trip has gone great, though. We haven't done a whole lot yet. Being from Kansas City, they don't have Mexican food like we do, so we took her to a place recommended to her by the ex-in-laws. But now it is the weekend, and we can get out and about more. We are headed to Bastrop to see my parents, and show her a little small town Texas. Okay, really it is more of medium town Texas. But, smaller than Houston. Although, "smaller than Houston" pretty much covers everything.


Allie Bear said...

Have fun and btw I know of the best mexican food in Houston if you ever want to try it. It's over on our side of town though and it's authentic mexican food but it really is the best.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could try some Houston-Mexican food. I bet it beats the So. Cal Mexican food by far!

Sheri said...

Man, I don't know what I would do without our mexican food. Where did you go? Mmmm... now I am hungry. I told you to stop talking food to the pregnant lady. :P

Emmi cracks me up. I can just see that fit. I guess the fact that Leila never stayed longer than a few hours as a baby is why she loves her so much. :P Good to know with the next one coming along. Glad the visit is going well.